Location: Folkestone/CT, UK.

Genre: Emo/Math/Punk.

Label: Independent.


Debut LP release date: 01/11/19


Pen Name are:

Jack Norris - Bass and Vocals

Joel Olbrechts - Guitar and Vocals

Josh Jordan - Guitar

Matt Cotter - Drums


“Some of the most refreshingly candid, beautifully thoughtful and provocatively emotive music I've heard like, ever."


"Let’s be fair, Pen Name are the best twinkly band in the UK."


"Pen Name are legitimately one of the most emotionally driven and talented UK bands right now.”


 - Our supportive friends.


Pen Name are a 4-piece emo/punk band from Kent, in the vein of Sport, American Football, Mineral, Benton Falls, Unwed Sailor, and Toe. 


Formed in September 2016. They spent three years writing and recording their debut album at Jack's own studio (Papercrane Recordings - Century Audio) in Minster, Kent and played shows with some of their favourite bands, including TTNG, and Joan of Arc. The band’s dynamic and intricate music and confessional lyrics draw inspiration from a range of shared, as well as independent life experiences. Pen Name create a nostalgic sound while refreshing and subverting genre tropes.


 "Pacemaker" - the first single from their self-titled, debut album was released digitally on 27th October 2019, it is a cathartic exploration of the feelings associated with the pain and grief of losing someone, and the relief and guilt of cutting toxic people from your life.


The full LP release date is 1st November 2019. It features 7 songs about family, friends, and growing older.

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